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Durable premium quality accessories for your dog

Caring for a dog is no small task. Every four-legged dog needs its own place to rest, but also toys with which to discharge its energy and build a bond with its guardian. In this category you will find dog beds, cushions, toys, dog fetches and much more.

If you transport your dog in the car, never forget to ensure his safety. Your dog should always be strapped in during the journey so that he does not disturb you when he gets stressed. There's no denying that for real four-legged aristocrats, comfort is also important when travelling. Looking for something that will keep your dog both comfortable and safe in the vehicle? Check out the car beds we have included in this section!

Many of the products you will find here have been sewn in Poland by the Tuptusia Land team. By purchasing them, you can be sure that they have been made with the utmost care so that they will serve you and your dog for as long as possible.