• Pet houses

Cottages and sleeping bags

That is, what rodents, rabbits and hedgehogs love most!

Every rabbit, rodent and hedgehog needs a safe, built-up shelter, just like their wild cousins. Although your pets don't need to hide from predators, their instinct tells them to hide when they are frightened by something or just feel like resting for a while in solitude. This is why every cage or terrarium of these small animals should be equipped with hiding places - such as houses, sleeping bags and bridges.

In Kraina Tuptusia you will easily find a house and sleeping bag for your four-legged pets - whether they are rabbits, guinea pigs, hedgehogs, nightjars, gerbils, chinchillas, rats or hamsters. A suspended house for chinchillas will work well, while guinea pigs, rabbits and hedgehogs will love sturdy standing houses.

You can choose from wooden as well as fabric houses, sewn by ourselves. So we can guarantee you that they are completely safe for all animals, stand up well to washing and maintain their intense colours for a long time.