• Bowls, drinkers, hay racks

Bowls, drinkers, feeders

What no rodent should lack in its cage.

A food bowl, a drinking or water bowl and a feeder are the bare minimum that should be in every rodent's cage or aviary, and if possible, also in its enclosure.

In this category you will find water drinkers, bowls and feeders for rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, gerbils, small rodents and hedgehogs. Waiting for you here:

  • fabric, metal, hanging and wall-mounted feeders,
  • easy to assemble, stable plastic and glass drinking troughs in various capacities,
  • ceramic, stainless steel, plastic and stoneware bowls in various sizes, free-standing and attached to the cage walls.

When choosing accessories for your rodents, consider their size. Also pay attention to what they prefer to drink water from and whether they knock over or bite plastic bowls, in which case their ceramic counterparts will work best.