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Romantic Garden Number of products : 35

Let's transport ourselves for a moment to a spring garden bathed in the atmospheric moonlight and filled with the richness of the most beautiful floral compositions. We can't imagine a more charming and romantic setting. Inspired by this imagery, we've created a collection with enchanting floral motifs and deep bottle green, capturing the character of warm, moody evenings. Thus, the Romantic Nook was born.

In the Romantic Nook, every degu, chinchilla, guinea pig, and other rodents will find furniture for themselves. The products are made from soft Velvet material accompanied by charming quilted inserts. The combination of captivating colors, charming patterns, and high-quality materials ensures that every pet will feel comfortable here. It's cozy and very... atmospheric.

What won't we find here? The Romantic Nook is a true paradise even for the most demanding pets.

Available are, among other things:

  • houses in various sizes and shapes,
  • soft pillows with silicone ball filling, also known as synthetic down,
  • single, double, and basement hammocks, beloved by all pets,
  • square beds and shells designed for both larger and smaller pets,
  • cage mats with pleasant, comfortable fillings,
  • safe tunnels providing endless fun,
  • cooling inserts for soothing on the hottest days.

The variety of shapes and sizes means that the furniture you'll find in the Romantic Nook will easily fit into standard cages, ground-level enclosures, aviaries, and outdoor runs. All products are hand-sewn in Poland from materials friendly and safe for pets.