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Paradise Garden Number of products : 37

Imagine suddenly finding yourself in a Paradise Garden: you walk on soft, green grass and rest on fluffy clouds. You also notice that in this place, every pet easily finds its own spot - some hide in shaded burrows, while others lounge on hammocks covered in comfortable moss.

You can bring a bit of this magical atmosphere to your pets' space! The Paradise Garden collection is a combination of the best in furniture for hedgehogs, rabbits, and rodents. We created it from incredibly touch-friendly yet durable and long-lasting upholstery materials. All the products you'll find here are hand-sewn with the utmost attention to detail to ensure they are entirely safe for your pets.

In the Paradise Garden, everyone can feel comfortable. That's why the collection includes houses, hammocks, and other furniture in several sizes - perfect for small degus, rats, guinea pigs, chinchillas, or mini rabbits.

Choose from:

  • sturdy beds and houses in various shapes,
  • exclusive shelters beloved by rabbits and guinea pigs,
  • hammocks for rabbits and rodents, suitable for cages and aviaries,
  • functional yet decorative cushions,
  • Cage Liner mats for cages,
  • universal hay feeders,
  • tunnels for rodents, hedgehogs, and rabbits, perfect for play and relaxation.

You'll find furniture here suitable for standard cages, modular cages, tall aviaries, and outdoor runs. Take your pick!