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Dog mat with waterproof centre and soft filling.

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A versatile mat for your dog

Every dog needs its own comfortable space. Its own safe haven where it can relax or play. The mat from the Romantic Corner collection fulfils all these functions - providing the perfect place to play, laze or even eat. It is such a versatile and lightweight accessory that we can easily grab it in our hand and place it in the car, making your pet's journey more enjoyable.

Details that make a difference

What makes the mat unique is the materials it is made of. There is upholstery oat and waterproof material inside the mat, which adds another use to us - the product can be used as a training mat for your puppy. The mat is double-sided, and we have covered the side with the quilted material with an additional water repellent layer, which makes cleaning much easier. Simply wipe it with a damp cloth and the minor dirt of daily use disappears in a flash.

Something for everyone

Our mats are designed to provide maximum comfort for your pets. Among other things, this is why they come in two sizes. So they will work well for small dog breeds and puppies, as well as for comfy pets who need a little more space to fully relax. It's all made with the utmost attention to detail, with no protruding threads. We used velvet upholstery material to sew the mats, which is safe for pets and provides incredible comfort.

  • Filling: wadding
  • Material: printed upholstery velvet, quilted upholstery velvet, waterproof fabric
  • Sewn with upholstery thread 
  • Machine washable at low temperatures (preferably use the hand wash programme), do not chlorinate and do not tumble dry 
  • The quilted fabric is coated with a special protective layer, creating a hydrophobic coating to prevent liquids from soaking through quickly

Size S:

  • Size: approximately 75x75cm

Size M:

  • Size: approximately 85x85cm

Question:Can the mats be customized to fit non-standard cage sizes?

Answer: Yes, we offer the possibility to customize mats for non-standard cage sizes. Contact us to discuss the details and obtain a quote.

Question: Can the mats be machine washed?

Answer: They can be machine washed, but we recommend using a gentle washing cycle. Hand washing can help maintain the mat's appearance for longer.

Question: Do mats change their size with usage?

Answer: Over time and with washing, mats might slightly reduce in size. This is a normal occurrence that doesn't significantly affect the mat's functionality.

Question: How do mats differ from DryBeds?

Answer: Mats can be machine washed and do not require combing. There's no need to use sanitary pads or bedding under mats. Dry Beds allow liquids to pass through to the other side, while the mat retains them.

Question: Do the mats stay dry after contact with urine?

Answer: Mats are made of fabric, and every fabric needs time to dry after contact with urine. Mats made of minky material tend to dry the quickest. Mats are not equivalent to sanitary pads.

Question: What is the role of the hydrophobic coating on the material?

Answer: The hydrophobic coating causes liquids to stay on the surface of the material for a certain period, preventing quick absorption.

Question: How do Pet Friendly mats differ from standard ones?

Answer: Pet Friendly mats are coated with a hydrophobic layer and a layer that inhibits the penetration of fur and dirt into the fabric. This makes them easier to keep clean, which is essential for pet care.

Question: Can the mats replace a litter box?

Answer: Mats do not replace litter boxes; they serve as an additional element to provide a comfortable resting place and protection against accidents. A litter box is still necessary for maintaining hygiene.

Question: How can a waterproof bottom of the mat help?

Answer: A waterproof bottom of the mat is useful when additional protection against mat spills is needed. It is particularly helpful when housing multiple animals in a small space or when an animal tends to urinate in one spot.

Question: I see many nice cage photos where mats are successfully used. How can I maintain such order in my pet's cage?

Answer: The key is the size of the cage. The larger it is and the more freedom the animals have to move around, the easier it is to maintain order. Many people divide the cage or enclosure into two sections: one for play and relaxation, and the other for eating and fulfilling the pet's physiological needs. A highly absorbent bedding is placed in the latter area to effectively protect the floor from getting dirty.

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