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Pet Hammocks Number of products : 27

Hammocks for both smaller and larger pets

All rodents and rabbits love hammocks, but each species uses them a little differently. The trick is to choose these pieces of furniture to suit your pets' requirements and size. We know that this is not so easy - especially with the 'biggest of the smallest', i.e. rabbits. In our pet shop, you'll find hammocks in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, all made of sturdy materials that can easily hold both a pack of rats and an adult miniature rabbit.

Which hammock to choose for rodents and rabbits?

Rabbits prefer larger, flat surfaces that they can also hide under - single hammocks in the largest sizes are something for them!

Nightjars, squirrels, rats, chinchillas and other busy rodents love hanging double honeycomb hammocks. They can lounge on them, but also use them for playtime. Additionally, rats themselves are known for their love of mink hammocks.

Hamsters, guinea pigs and other 'terrestrial' pets will appreciate stable, low-hanging mink or basement hammocks.

Remember that playing and resting at height must above all be safe, so pay attention to the quality of the hammocks (both their materials and, for example, the absence of protruding threads). Fortunately, in this category you will only find furniture of the highest quality. What is more, they differ not only in shape, but also in colours and textures. You can choose the ones that suit your interior and taste.