• Car seat dog bed

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Car seat dog bed.

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Safety on your pet's journey

Even if your pooch loves long walks, sometimes there is no other option but to swap four paws for four wheels and transport him from one point to another by car. Such journeys can be stressful for my pet, especially during vet appointments, for example, so comfort and safety during the ride is a priority. We have taken care of these aspects down to the last detail, dressing them up in a truly romantic, colourful setting.

Clever features at a price

The dog seat has been designed in a very clever way. The accessory can be clipped onto a single seat in the front or rear of the car. The top of the seat, in turn, is fastened against the headrest, effectively protecting it from unruly claws and dirt. This protection effectively reduces the possibility of the bed moving around during the journey. In addition to the accessory, we have included a carrying strap with a snap hook, which can be clipped to your pooch's harness. It is robust and at the same time safe for your pet.

Comfort in every situation

Your pet's comfort is just as important as its safety, and something tells us that it is for this incredible comfort that your four-legged companion will love travelling. The sides of the bed have been filled with a soft silicone ball. This filling is removable, which makes cleaning much easier. Simply undo the zipper, remove the filling and throw the cover in the washing machine. The cushion of the seat is also removable - this in turn is filled with upholstery sponge, which ensures incredible comfort for your pooch.

  • Size: approx. 50x50cm (cushion 44x44cm)
  • Height: approx. 17cm
  • Filling: 1st grade silicone ball, upholstery padding
  • Material: Velvet upholstery printed, Velvet upholstery quilted, Velvet upholstery plain, anti-slip fabric
  • Fully expandable
  • Sewn with upholstery thread 
  • Machine washable at low temperatures (preferably using the hand wash programme), do not chlorinate and do not tumble dry 
  • Cushion filled with upholstery sponge included
  • Choice of seat base colour (non-slip material), for light-coloured upholstery we recommend white

* on the photo a Lhasa Apso weighing 6.5 kg

Fabric Velvet upholstery
Collection Romantic Garden
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