• Cube house with two entrances for rats, chinchillas, degus, guinea pigs, squirrels

Cube house with two entrances. Ideal for artists who like to create new passageways and those who occasionally need to leave the cottage via a back exit.

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Versatile house

You can hang this versatile house using the handles to take advantage of the space in the cage, or place it on the bottom of the terrarium to give your pet a comfortable place to rest. To hang the house, simply use the included snap hooks and handles, giving you the flexibility and ease of arranging the space for your pet.

Sturdy upholstery material

The cottage is made from a robust upholstery material with a unique structure. Its exterior is covered with a soft upholstery material, decorated with adorable dots with longer bristles for extra softness and cosiness. This sturdy upholstery material is resistant to intensive use and can be easily washed, keeping the cottage clean and fresh for a long time.

Soft minky fabric

The interior of the cottage is a real oasis of comfort! There you will find soft minky material, which is extremely gentle on your pet's body. This material is easy to care for - simply soak it under running water to remove fur and other impurities, keeping it fresh and hygienic for your pet.

  • Size: approx. 20x20cm
  • Hole dimension: approx. 10cm
  • Filling: elastic foam, upholstery wadding
  • Material: upholstery, minky
  • Sewn with upholstery threads 
  • Machine washable at low temperatures (preferably using the hand wash programme), do not chlorinate and do not tumble dry 
  • Snap hooks free of charge
Fabric Minky fleece, Upholstery fabric DOT
Recommended for: chinchillas, degus, guinea pigs, pygmy hedgehog, rats
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