• Shell bed for rabbits, guinea pigs, pygmy hedgehogs

PARADISE GARDEN - shell-shaped bed with two cushions - available in three sizes

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Favorite Hideout for Shy Four-Legged Friends

Every hedgehog, rabbit, and rodent instinctively seeks a place where they can observe their territory while remaining unnoticed. This seashell-shaped bed resembles a natural burrow for these small animals, but at the same time, it is not completely enclosed and remains stable. That's why not only the bolder guinea pigs or degus love it, but also the shy, slightly timid four-legged friends. The furniture itself, combined with other items from the collection, can decorate both your pets' cage and the entire room they are in.

Comfortable, Soft Materials

The seashell-shaped bed is made from the trusted and beloved Velvet material, which is adored by many hedgehogs, rabbits, and rodents. It is a fabric highly popular among furniture manufacturers for humans, so it can withstand frequent use without any issues. The bed is filled with synthetic fluff that pleasantly bends under the paws but also keeps the entire structure in check. It can be machine washed without losing its vibrant colors or getting fuzzy. In short, it will stay with your little pets for a long time!

To Keep the House from Falling

Your rodents or hedgehogs don't want the house to fall on their heads... literally? That's understandable – some four-legged friends prefer to bury themselves in loose materials, while others value stability and open space. With the latter in mind, we inserted a secured boning into the roof of the shell, which will maintain its shape. That's why this furniture is ideal for pygmy hedgehogs in terrariums, as they sometimes struggle to find their hiding spots if something covers them. The whole structure is sewn with strong upholstery threads, leaving no exposed seams in the bed.

  • Filling: upholstery cotton
  • Material: Printed Velvet upholstery fabric, Quilted Velvet upholstery fabric
  • Built-in reinforcement
  • Free two pillows included
  • Sewn with upholstery threads
  • Can be machine washed at low temperatures (preferably use a delicate cycle), do not bleach, and do not tumble dry

Size S:

  • Dimensions: approximately 32cm in diameter, 17cm in height
  • Suitable for one guinea pig, two smaller guinea pigs, two rats, or a pygmy hedgehog

Size M:

  • Dimensions: approximately 38cm in diameter, 22cm in height
  • Suitable for two guinea pigs, three smaller guinea pigs, several rats, or a mini rabbit

Size L:

  • Dimensions: approximately 43cm in diameter, 24cm in height
  • Suitable for rabbits or a herd of guinea pigs
Fabric Velvet upholstery
Collection Paradise Garden
Recommended for: chinchillas, degus, ferrets, guinea pigs, pygmy hedgehog, rabbits, rats
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