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Vitapol Vita Herbal oat herb with carrot 150g

The Symbol : ZVP-4141

Oat herb with carrot for rodents and rabbits.

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A snack composed of oat herb with the addition of tasty dried carrots. Oat herb is a food rich in crude fibre and protein, thus optimising digestive processes. It is also an excellent source of minerals and has a positive effect on the metabolism, the condition of the blood vessels, bones, skin and coat. It has a strengthening effect, so it is worth giving to weakened animals. The addition of tasty carrots enriches the snack with provitamin A, vitamins B, PP, as well as E, C, K, M. Can be given alone, added to the basic feed, or mixed with hay.

Ingredients: oat herb, dried carrot.

Analytical ingredients: crude protein (Kjeldahl method) min. 8.5%, crude fat min. 0.1%, crude fibre max. 20.91%, crude ash max. 7.99%, moisture max. 12%. Feeding recommendations: as a complementary treat to the basic food.

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