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Trixie carrot toy for rabbits and rodents 15cm

The Symbol : TX-6189

A natural toy for the cage.

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A natural and attractive toy

This adorable carrot for rabbits and small rodents is more than just a simple toy; it is made exclusively from natural materials, making it safe for your pet. Wrapped in cotton yarn in a vibrant orange colour, with green 'leaves' on top, it resembles a real carrot and adds a charming touch to any cage environment.

Fun and dental care

This carrot not only provides hours of great fun, but also performs an important function in maintaining the dental health of rabbits and rodents. Chewing and biting on the yarn carrots helps in the process of abrading the incisors, which in the animals' natural environment are constantly growing and need to be abraded regularly.

Long-lasting entertainment

Thanks to its durability, carrots are ideal for active rabbits and rodents who like to chew and play. It is an excellent alternative to other toys and treats, and can be used in the cage as an additional element to stimulate the animals' natural behaviour.

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