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Triangular hammock with tassels for rats, chinchillas, guinea pigs, guinea pigs, hamsters - Paradise Garden collection

A comfortable triangular hammock with tassels to hang in the corner of a cage or aviary.

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No more lack of sleeping space

The triangle hammock in size XL is especially suitable for guinea pigs and chinchillas that like to have plenty of space when sleeping and resting. Such pets will be able to stretch out their paws on it or lie down in the most comfortable positions without any problems. This piece of furniture is also useful for smaller, herd-type rodents that love to laze around in a group - such as gerbils or rats.

Unusual cage material and decoration

Do you love to spoil your pets and decorate their cage so that it is also pleasing to the eye? The material used to make the hammock is sure to please both you and your pets. Velvet - quilted on one side and printed on the other - is an extremely durable, yet soft and enveloping upholstery fabric. Rodents love to cuddle up in it. Just as importantly, however, you can wash it frequently, without worrying about the colours fading or getting mossy. The quilted material has also been treated with a special coating that prevents liquids from being quickly absorbed into it.

Convenience and safety - that's it!

Do you want to hang your furniture up high? Remember that small animals have all sorts of ideas - you need to take care of their safety. In this hammock you won't find a single protruding seam where little paws could get caught. The entire hammock is sewn together with sturdy upholstery threads, and handles are made of risers that pets are reluctant to chew on. In the case of this hammock, safety goes hand in hand with comfort - the icing on the cake is the soft and breathable oatmeal filling.

  • Padding: upholstery oat 
  • Material: Velvet upholstery printed, Velvet upholstery quilted, Velvet upholstery plain 
  • Sewn with upholstery threads 
  • Machine washable at low temperatures (preferably use the hand wash programme), do not chlorinate and do not tumble dry 
  • Free snap hooks for hanging the hammock

Size S:

  • 30x30cm
  • Tassel length: approx. 18cm
  • Suitable for rats, chinchillas, nightjars

Size M:

  • 38x38cm
  • Length of tassels: approx. 20cm
  • Suitable for all rodents, including guinea pigs

Size L:

  • 45x45cm
  • Length of tassels: approx. 22cm
  • Suitable for all rodents
Parameters :
Tropical Forest
Recommended for::
chinchillas, degus, guinea pigs, rats
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