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Tropical Forest Number of products : 37

The Tropical Forest is a unique collection of furniture for rodents, pygmy hedgehogs, ferrets, and rabbits. It was created after analyzing many customer reviews and combines the best features from other Tuptus Land series.

You'll find a variety of furniture pieces in different sizes. You no longer have to pass on a house that caught your eye just because it's too small or too big for your pet. In the Tropical Forest, there's a place for everyone - from a small rat to a large rabbit, a lively group of degus to a calm pygmy hedgehog!

This series of products is also very elegant. Undoubtedly, each of them will decorate your pet's cage just like colorful, exotic flowers beautify the lower parts of the jungle. The incredibly smooth, subtly shiny Velvet material, adorned with unique prints, will catch every guest's eye. Soft cushions wrapped in the same quilted fabric will add luxury and incredible comfort to your pet's space. Invite the Tropical Forest into their home!

In the collection, you'll find, among other things:

  • cube-shaped houses, the most versatile hideouts, also suitable for larger pets,
  • exclusive shelters for pets that value the highest comfort,
  • single, double, and cellar hammocks, popular for a reason,
  • soft cage mats that protect against injuries and cradle every pet's delicate paws,
  • quilted cushions for fans of resting in the open space,
  • square beds that will steal the heart of every rodent, hedgehog, ferret, or rabbit,
  • semicircular tunnels, creating a space for safe play and rest.

Many items from the Tropical Forest collection can be used both in ground-level cages and in aviaries or outdoor runs. All the products you'll find here are made in Poland and hand-sewn, using only the highest quality upholstery materials.