• Wide house with two entrances for chinchillas, rats, degus, guinea pigs

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A spacious cottage, for a bunch who like to relax together or those who need a little more space.

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A Playground for Team Fun

Let us introduce you to our double rodent house, which is bound to become your pets' favorite spot. This house stands out from standard models with its wider design, accommodating a whole pack of rats or several guinea pigs. Its dual-entrance structure ensures easy access and convenience for the animals, while also creating more opportunities for play and interaction among the cage inhabitants.

A Versatile House for Hanging or Standing

This functional house is designed for versatile use - you can either hang it in the cage using the included carabiners or place it on the bottom without worrying about it tipping over. The stable construction provides safety and comfort for your rodents, both during rest and joyful play. Regardless of the chosen option, the double house serves as an excellent accessory for any cage, offering rodents not just a shelter, but also a center of their social activity.

Pet Friendly Material: A Hygienic and Durable Solution

Sewn from high-quality Pet Friendly material, our house is not only easy to clean but also resistant to dirt and grime. The material with a hydrophobic layer provides additional protection - in case an animal relieves itself inside, fluids and other impurities do not immediately soak into the material, allowing for easy cleanup. This extremely practical solution ensures cleanliness and hygiene in the house, and consequently, in the entire cage of your rats, guinea pigs, degus, or chinchillas.

  • Dimension: about 35x20cm
  • Entrance size: about 10cm
  • Filling: flexible foam, upholstery wadding
  • Material: Quilted upholstery velvet, Smooth upholstery velvet, Waterproof fabric
  • Material features a hydrophobic layer
  • Sewn with upholstery threads
  • Machine washable at low temperatures (hand wash program recommended), do not bleach, do not tumble dry
  • Free carabiners included


Fabric Velvet upholstery
Collection Pet Friendly
Recommended for: chinchillas, degus, guinea pigs, pygmy hedgehog, rats
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