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Vitapol Vita Herbal vegetable hearts 3pcs.

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Vegetable hearts for rodents 3pc.

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A completely grain-free treat from Vita Herbal.

Vegetable hearts for rodents and rabbits are the perfect treat for your little pet! They are heart-shaped snacks that will encourage your rodent or rabbit to eat healthily and deliciously every day.

There are three different flavours in the pack - carrot, beetroot and parsnip - which will provide your little friend with a variety of healthy ingredients. These vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals to help keep your pet healthy, while being grain-free, making them ideal for pets whose main food is hay.

Hearts are also the perfect way to encourage your rodent or rabbit to be active and entertained. Their heart shape and different flavours are sure to keep your pet interested while providing them with healthy and wholesome food.

Vegetable hearts are a great addition to your pet's diet. They provide a variety of flavours and nutrients to help add variety to the daily diet.

Flavours: carrot, beetroot, parsnip

Ingredients: dried carrots 95%, starch, dried beetroot 95%, starch, dried parsnips 95%, starch.

Packaging: 3 pcs.

Weight: 125g.

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