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Dried plantain - excellent source of mineral salts, vitamin C - 100g

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Lancelet plantain - a tasty support for a healthy diet

Introducing to you lancelet plantain - a tasty supplement to enrich your beloved pet's diet. It is a natural dietary supplement, rich in valuable crude fibre, which brings many benefits to his health.

Lancelet plantain is a real treasure trove of mineral salts, silica, zinc compound and vitamin C. As a result, it has a positive effect on the animal's body, acting as an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial agent and alleviating diarrhoea. Its action benefits your pet's digestive system and skin, while strengthening its natural immunity.

You can serve lancelet plantain on its own as a tasty treat, add it to your pet's daily staple food or mix it with your pet's favourite hay. Whichever you choose, this supplement will not only provide him with a great taste, but also essential nutrients.

The composition of this product is simple and natural - it consists solely of dried plantain, without any artificial additives or preservatives. This means that you are offering your pet a healthy and pure source of nutrition.

Give your pet a tasty dose of natural support and health benefits by choosing lancet plantain - the perfect dietary supplement for their wellbeing. Find out how enjoyable and nutritious it can be to look after his health in a way he will love!

Ingredients: dried lanceleaf plantain.

Analytical ingredients:

  • Crude protein (determined by the Kjeldahl method) min. 9,0%,
  • Crude fat min. 2,4%,
  • crude fibre max. 13,6%,
  • crude ash max. 9.2%,
  • moisture max. 12%.
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