• Vita Herbal Lunch Bowl for Guinea Pig

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Lunch bowl for guinea pigs, with an edible bowl

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Natural and Healthy Ingredients

The Guinea Pig Lunch Bowl is an exceptionally balanced product, created with the health of your pet in mind. It includes natural and nutritious components, such as wheat bran and dried oat grass. These ingredients provide essential vitamins and minerals, supporting the proper development and condition of guinea pigs.

Richness of Flavors and Colors

In addition to health benefits, the Lunch Bowl is distinguished by a variety of flavors and colors that stimulate appetite and interest in animals. It contains dried dandelion leaf and birch leaf, marigold flowers (7%), and mallow flowers (6%), adding taste and attractiveness. These natural ingredients ensure that every meal is not only healthy but also interesting for guinea pigs.

Special Addition: Cranberry and Hazelnut Twigs

The Lunch Bowl also contains unique ingredients like natural dried cranberries (3%) and hazelnut twigs. Cranberries are known for their antioxidant properties, while hazelnut twigs provide additional entertainment and help maintain healthy teeth. These elements make the Lunch Bowl not just a meal but also a way to an active and healthy life for your guinea pig.

Ingredients: wheat bran, dried oat grass, dried dandelion leaf, dried marigold flower (7%), dried birch leaf, dried mallow flower (6%), natural dried cranberry (3%), hazelnut twigs.

Analytical constituents: crude protein (Kjeldahl method) min. 13.8%, crude fat min. 1.2%, crude fiber max. 16.09%, crude ash max. 7.05%, phosphorus min. 0.34%, phosphorus max. 1.04%, calcium min. 0%, calcium max 0.8%, moisture max. 12%

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