• Triangle hammock for rats, chinchillas, guinea pigs, degus - Paradise Garden collection

Triangular hammock to hang in the corner of a cage or aviary.

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Corner Hammock for Chinchillas, Guinea Pigs, Rats

In a cage or aviary full of energetic rats or chinchillas, every centimeter of running space is worth its weight in gold. However, even the most playful four-legged friends need to rest at some point. Give them this corner hammock, and not only will you not take away their play area, but you will also create a completely new one! Hung high in the aviary, it will diversify their space, and in a low cage, it will create an additional hideout. The hammock is so comfortable that no rodent will resist a nap on it.

Wrapping Material

To provide your pets with the utmost relaxation, we used the irreplaceable Velvet upholstery fabric to make the hammock. It is incredibly pleasant to the touch and durable. You can machine wash it without worry, and it will retain its intense colors for a long time. If they are going to sleep at a height, why not on a cloud? Inside the furniture, we placed fluffy, breathable cotton, making stepping on it feel like strolling on clouds straight from the Paradise Garden.

Durable Hammock for Cages and Aviaries

A hammock for slightly larger animals must be durable to ensure their safety, especially if it will be attached to a high aviary. That's why we sewed it with upholstery threads that are resistant to tearing, leaving no exposed seams on its surface. The handles that support it are made of a tape with a structure that pets are reluctant to chew on. Additionally, we will include recommended carabiners with your order.

  • Filling: upholstery cotton
  • Material: Printed Velvet upholstery fabric, Quilted Velvet upholstery fabric
  • Sewn with upholstery threads
  • Can be machine washed at low temperatures (preferably use a delicate cycle), do not bleach, and do not tumble dry
  • Free carabiners included

Size S:

  • 30x30cm
  • Suitable for rats, chinchillas, and degus

Size M:

  • 38x38cm
  • Suitable for all rodents, including guinea pigs

Size L:

  • 45x45cm
  • Suitable for all rodents
Fabric Velvet upholstery
Collection Paradise Garden
Recommended for: chinchillas, degus, guinea pigs, rats
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