• Topinambur Chips 50g for rodents and rabbits

The Symbol : HS.85

Topinambur chips

Type of animal koszatniczka, szynszyla, chomik, królik, mysz, szczur, świnka morska, myszoskoczek
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Masterful Taste

A classic among snacks for rodents and rabbits, now in a masterful edition! Topinambur chips from Ham-Stake are not just a traditional treat but also a quality you can trust. Created with your pet's health and happiness in mind, they are the perfect addition to their daily diet.

Ecological Origin

When you think of Ham-Stake topinambur chips, think of pure, ecological quality. They have organic agriculture certification, guaranteeing that they come from Polish crops that meet strict, rigorous criteria. Topinambur root, also known as Jerusalem artichoke, has grown without the use of artificial fertilizers or invasive plant protection methods. This allows your little pet to enjoy a true gift of nature without being exposed to unnecessary chemical substances.

Practical Packaging

Not only is the quality of the product important, but also the way it's stored. The doypack-type packaging with a practical drawstring closure ensures that the chips remain fresh for a longer time. This means you can open the packaging multiple times without worrying about the quality of the contents. Your pet will always enjoy it as if it were freshly opened!

  • Ingredients: Topinambur root
  • Suitable for: Chinchillas, Degus, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Mice, Hamsters, Rats, Gerbils
  • Packaging Dimensions: 22.5 x 13 x 4 cm
  • Net Weight: 50 grams
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