• Raspberry stems for rabbits and rodents 50g

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Natural raspberry stems for rodents and rabbits

Type of animal koszatniczka, szynszyla, chomik, królik, mysz, szczur, świnka morska, myszoskoczek
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In our range you will find dried raspberry stems, top quality natural chews for your rabbit or rodent. Not only will they provide your pet with entertainment, but they are also a valuable dietary ingredient, increasing their natural ability to absorb minerals.

Raspberries are known for their health-promoting properties, but it's not just the fruit that's worth a look! Dried raspberry stems are a real hit among natural chews for rabbits and rodents. Thanks to the skilfully carried out drying process just after harvesting, Ham-Stake's raspberry stems retain their highest nutritional value. They contain naturally occurring minerals such as magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and potassium, which help to maintain your pet's dental and bone health.

In addition, dried raspberry stems help to abrade teeth and keep your pet entertained. The stems are carefully selected to ensure the highest possible quality and health for your pet. Try dried raspberry stems today and keep your pet healthy and entertained in a natural and safe way!

  • Ingredients: Raspberry stems
  • Suitable for: chinchillas, guinea pigs, rabbits, pet cavies, mice, hamsters, rats, gerbils.
  • Net weight: 50 grams
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