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Shell bed for rabbit, guinea pigs, pygmy hedgehogs

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TROPICAL FOREST - shell-shaped bed with two cushions - available in three sizes

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Safe Bed for Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Hedgehogs, and Rodents

If you take care of a hedgehog, rabbit, guinea pig, or other rodents that are recovering and need a stable hideout, this bed is perfect for them. Do you have a hedgehog that occasionally loses its burrow? Or maybe you have a guinea pig that doesn't like enclosed houses or is afraid of loose, falling roofs in furniture? Each of these little animals will surely love this bed. It has a flat entrance, which is suitable for weakened pets, and its design allows them to observe their territory from a hidden spot without the risk of getting entangled in loose materials.

A Hideout Fit for Little Aristocrats

For a pet owner of a hedgehog, rabbit, guinea pig, or other rodents, is there anything more beautiful than the sight of relaxed, sleeping pets? With this bed, you'll never miss this view! As they step inside, your little friends will feel the soft, silky microfibers beneath their paws, gently enveloping them. The dark, atmospheric colors will provide a pleasant semi-darkness, and the flexible walls will instantly conform to their bodies. In such surroundings, they can't resist taking a nap! What's even better is that this shell-shaped bed will be their favorite hideout for a long time. Its materials can be washed in the washing machine, they won't fade or lose threads. The fabrics are also coated to temporarily repel any liquids.

Resilient and Durable Filling

We designed this bed to be as comfortable as it is stable. The invaluable upholstery wadding, also known as synthetic down, helped us achieve this. It is incredibly soft and gently bends even under the smallest weight, quickly returning to its original shape. It retains its properties even after washing or exposure to sunlight. The entrance to the bed is additionally reinforced to increase its durability.

  • Filling: upholstery wadding
  • Materials: Printed Velvet upholstery fabric, Quilted Velvet upholstery fabric
  • Reinforced entrance
  • Comes with two complimentary pillows
  • Stitched with upholstery threads
  • Machine washable at low temperatures (preferably using a hand wash program), do not bleach or tumble dry
  • The quilted fabric is covered with a special protective layer, creating a hydrophobic coating to prevent quick liquid absorption

Size S:

  • Dimensions: approximately 32cm in diameter, 17cm in height
  • Suitable for one guinea pig, two smaller guinea pigs, two rats, or a pygmy hedgehog

Size M:

  • Dimensions: approximately 38cm in diameter, 22cm in height
  • Suitable for two guinea pigs, three smaller guinea pigs, several rats, or a miniature rabbit

Size L:

  • Dimensions: approximately 43cm in diameter, 24cm in height
  • Suitable for rabbits or a group of guinea pigs
Parameters :
Tropical Forest
Recommended for::
chinchillas, degus, ferrets, guinea pigs, pygmy hedgehog, rabbits, rats
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