• Dr. Ziętek basic rescue food PLUS+ for guinea pig, chinchilla, rabbit 25g

The Symbol : Plus+ 25g

PLUS+ basic rescue food with increased calories for herbivorous animals: rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas that have problems with independent food intake. Weight 25g

Type of animal koszatniczka, szynszyla, królik, świnka morska
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Emergency Basic Plus+

Emergency Basic Plus+ is designed for rodents and rabbits that are in very poor health condition. This emergency food has an increased caloric value and is recommended for animals with underweight and poor physical condition who are unwilling to eat. The mixture is finely ground, making it suitable for administration through a feeding tube. The composition of Emergency Basic Plus+ is rich in easily digestible ingredients, providing excellent support during the recovery process.

Dr. Ziętek's foods are created based on clinical and scientific experience, resulting in a product without preservatives, made from carefully selected natural ingredients. The special and carefully thought-out composition makes Dr. Ziętek's emergency foods well-liked by rodents and rabbits, effectively aiding their return to full strength.

Ingredients: A mixture of meadow plants (timothy grass, yarrow, alfalfa, ribwort plantain, young barley), a mixture of grains (spelt, barley, oats, amaranth), a mixture of oily plant seeds (pumpkin, hemp, flax), a blend of herbs beneficial for appetite and digestive processes (mint leaf, angelica root, three-leafed herb robert, chamomile flower, basil herb, oregano herb, thyme herb, rosemary herb, anise fruit, fennel fruit, artichoke leaf, lovage root, cistus herb).

Feeding Instructions: Administer at least one full tablespoon of the product per 1 kg of body weight daily. Before feeding, prepare a thick water suspension. Feed several times throughout the day using a syringe or a small feeding tube.

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