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Double house for chinchillas, rats, degus

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A spacious cottage, for a bunch who like to relax together or those who need a little more space.

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Shelter for more than one pet

Some pets cannot imagine relaxing without their companion. The enlarged house with double openings has been specially created for any pair of chinchillas, guinea pigs and smaller herd pets that love to share space with other pets. Inside the spacious house, there is a pleasant semi-darkness and a friendly, soft fabric that is only conducive to lounging with another small creature. The geometric design of the house, complemented by webbing handles, allows the house to be placed either on the floor of a cage or enclosure or suspended in high aviaries.

More space, fewer requirements

The spacious house is not only a great convenience for our four-legged friends, but also for ourselves. The material used to sew this perfect hideaway is Velvet upholstery fabric. It is durable, resistant to frequent washing, which means that maintaining its unfussy, romantic look does not require us to spend a lot of time on it, plus it ensures that the hide will last for a long time. 

You don't have to pay too much attention to the washing itself either. The quilted fabric has been coated with an additional protective layer, which reduces the time you have to spend on keeping your pets' kingdom clean to the maximum. This layer has the property of allowing liquids to condense on its surface. This way, if something spills on it, all you have to do is wipe the house with a cloth and you are able to refresh its appearance in just a few moments.

Comfortable at heights and beyond

If you are worried that a house suspended at height in an aviary might lose its shape, we are in a hurry to dispel all your doubts. The walls of the house have been filled with a special foam that stiffens the structure. As a result, nothing absolutely nothing deforms and your pets can enjoy the unchanged appearance of the house for longer. 

  • Dimensions: approx. 35x20cm
  • Hole size: approx. 10cm
  • Filling: elastic foam, upholstery wadding
  • Material: Velvet upholstery printed, Velvet upholstery quilted, Velvet upholstery plain
  • Quilted fabric has a hydrophobic layer
  • Sewn with upholstery thread 
  • Machine washable at low temperatures (preferably using the hand wash programme), do not chlorinate and do not tumble dry 
  • Free snap hooks
Parameters :
Velvet upholstery
Romantic Garden
Recommended for::
chinchillas, degus, ferrets, guinea pigs, rats
  • Daniel K. (2023-02-16)
    The Whole Thing
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    Bardzo duży i wspaniałe wykonany domek. Wytrzymały, no po prostu dobrze wykonany. Jedyny maleńki minus to za mała ilość karabińczyków, jest sześć punktów do zawieszenia, a karabińczyków dostaniemy cztery (przynajmniej było tak u mnie) ale dwa mniej na szczęście nie robią różnicy, dlatego jest to bardzo mały minus.
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