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Corner house for chinchillas rats

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Corner house 33x23x20cm

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A Touch of Luxury for Your Pet

The triangular corner house will come in handy for every small rodent and pygmy hedgehog. In a small cage, it will maximize the use of space, and in a larger one, it will add variety. Guinea pigs and hedgehogs will appreciate its lowered entrance, while rats, degus, and chinchillas will love the option to hang it in their enclosure. Both active and calm animals can feel safe in it, thanks to its stable construction and absence of protruding threads. Its jungle-inspired print will bring a touch of the wild to the cage and blend perfectly with the luxurious finish and soft materials.

Vibrant Colors on Durable Materials

We made sure that the corner house serves your pets and pleases your eyes for as long as possible. Each element is sewn from durable upholstery fabric - Matt Velvet - with microfibers that will gently caress your pets' paws even after multiple washes. It will also hold the print beautifully without fading over time.

The interior material is also coated with a protective layer - a safe coating that momentarily beads up any spilled fluids. If you wipe it occasionally with a cloth, you'll save time on frequent cleaning. The house is filled with soft foam and upholstery wadding, providing not only exceptional softness under the paws but also ventilation and stability.

Suitable for Enclosures, Cages, and Play Areas

The corner house is highly versatile. It can stand securely on the ground without tipping over. For less active but agile animals, it can be placed on a shelf in the enclosure. If your pets have boundless energy, you can hang the house using the sturdy straps and carabiners that we will include with your order, making it an additional play area. The combination of durable materials, upholstery thread, strong straps, and carabiners can easily support a group of rats or degus in the air.

  • Dimensions: approximately 33x23x20 cm (front x side x height)
  • Opening Dimension: approximately 10 cm
  • Filling: flexible foam, upholstery wadding
  • Material: printed Velvet upholstery fabric, quilted Velvet upholstery fabric, smooth Velvet upholstery fabric
  • Sewn with upholstery thread
  • Machine washable in low temperatures (preferably using a hand wash program), do not bleach, and do not tumble dry
  • Free carabiners included
Parameters :
Velvet upholstery
Tropical Forest
Recommended for::
chinchillas, degus, guinea pigs, pygmy hedgehog, rats
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