• Couch bed for guinea pigs, rabbits, rats, pygmy hedgehogs, chinchillas

Comfortable sofa with lowered entry and removable cushion - various sizes.

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Perfect for Small Animals

This bedding is a true gem among accessories for rodents. Thanks to it, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, chinchillas, pygmy hedgehogs, and degus will feel like they're in a luxury lounge. It's an ideal spot for a nap, and also a perfect observation point.

Maximum Comfort

The bedding combines functionality and comfort. Its sides are filled with a soft silicone ball, so even the most energetic animals will feel comfortable. Inside, there's a removable cushion that, thanks to its upholstery foam filling, guarantees a comfortable rest.

Innovation in Materials

The used Pet Friendly material was designed with animals in mind. Thanks to a special hydrophobic coating, you don't have to worry about stains or dirt. Additionally, fur and impurities don't embed into its structure, making it extremely easy to clean.

Customize for Your Animal

Available in three sizes, the bedding allows for a perfect fit for your rodent or rabbit. Whether it's two guinea pigs or several rats - everyone will find their corner here.

  • Filling: upholstery foam, silicone ball
  • Material: Smooth upholstery velvet, Quilted upholstery velvet, Waterproof polyester  
  • The material has a hydrophobic layer
  • Stitched with upholstery threads 
  • Machine washable at low temperatures (it's best to use a hand wash program), do not bleach and do not tumble dry 

Size S:

  • Dimension: width approx. 35cm (center 20cm), depth approx. 30cm (center 18cm), height approx. 12cm (entrance 5cm)
  • Suitable for one guinea pig, two rats, one chinchilla, or a pygmy hedgehog

Size M:

  • Dimension: width approx. 40cm (center 25cm), depth approx. 35cm (center 23cm), height approx. 12cm (entrance 5cm)
  • Suitable for two guinea pigs, two chinchillas, several rats, or a dwarf rabbit

Size L:

  • Dimension: width approx. 45cm (center 30cm), depth approx. 40cm (center 28cm), height approx. 12cm (entrance 5cm)
  • Suitable for rabbits or a herd of guinea pigs
Fabric Velvet upholstery
Collection Pet Friendly
Recommended for: chinchillas, degus, ferrets, guinea pigs, pygmy hedgehog, rabbits, rats
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