• Corner house for degus, chinchillas, guinea pigs

Corner house - ideal where space is scarce.

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Cozy hideout for rodents

The triangular corner house is a piece of furniture that will be loved by both smaller rodents like rats or degus and larger ones like guinea pigs, chinchillas, or pygmy hedgehogs. Thanks to its flexible upholstery sponge filling, it can be hung in the cage or placed on the bedding without tipping over. Its lowered entrance guarantees comfort for hedgehogs and guinea pigs, and its size is suitable for both solitary pets valuing their own space and smaller groups of animals.

Durable, wash-resistant material

Are you looking for a hideout for small pets that won't get destroyed after a week and will still look like new despite intense use? We created the triangular corner house from the DOT collection with you in mind! Don't be deceived by the softness of the fabric on the outside - its characteristic microfibers will withstand many washes without losing threads, color, and elasticity. DOT is also resistant to sunlight.

Minky - soft, colorful wrap

Need an interesting color accent in the cage or enclosure without compromising the quality of the furniture? Minky with a high weight (380g/m2) will provide just that! Its soft tendrils, which will envelop your pets' little paws, won't disappear even after multiple washes at low temperatures. The polar fleece allows air to pass through, so it will be useful for your pets not only in winter but also on hot days. Minky is also practical - you can easily clean it daily with a stream of running water or a cloth.

A universal house for everyone

The triangular corner house takes up less space than its standard square counterpart, making it easier to fit in the bedding for pygmy hedgehogs and guinea pigs. The stable filling allows you to forego hanging it, which will be useful in modular cages. The handles themselves are made of thick hook-and-loop tape and sewn with upholstery threads, so you can hang it in a high enclosure for chinchillas or rats without any worries. Use the house as you find it convenient!

  • Machine washable at low temperatures
  • Sewn with upholstery threads
  • Outer material 1: DOT
  • Outer material 2: MINKY
  • Dimensions: 33x23x20cm (front x side x height)
  • Hole diameter: approx. 10 cm
  • Handles made of strong tape
  • FREE carabiners for hanging
Fabric Upholstery fabric DOT
Collection DOT
Recommended for: chinchillas, degus, guinea pigs, pygmy hedgehog, rats
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